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General Arrangement:
The set will be consisting of the following : H.T. Transformer, Control Circuit, Supply Input Cable, Earthing Terminal Instruction manual with Circuit Diagram will be supplied along with the set.

H.V. Transformer:
Single phase copper double woond H.V. transformer is used in the test set. The H.V. winding of the high voltage testing transformer is of graded insulation.

• Fuse in Incoming Side.
• Automatic tripping mechanism for protecting the H.V. Transformer against Overload as well as short circuit. Over voltage protection is provided for motorised set only.

Metering: (As per IS 1248 : 1983) : One AC. K.V. Meter is provided to measure the output voltage connected in L. T. Side and calibrated with H.V. Output. One milliammeter is provided to measure the leakage current of the test object.

Safety Measures:
Zero start interlocking is provided to ensure that the H. V. circuite cannot be energised unless the variable autotransformer is at zero position or brought back to zero position.

Technical Features:
• Input: 230V ± 10% V, OR 415 ± 10% V (2P.H. of3P.H.), 50Hz, AC
• Output: 3KV. To 100K. V. AC. In different ranges
• Capacity: 100mA to 300Amp. Maximum in H.V. Side of different ranges
• Duty: Intermittent (i.e. 5 minutes "ON", 10 minutes "OFF")
• Cooling: Reasin-Cast, Air Natural/Oil-Cooled
• Mode of Operation : The sets are available in both MANUAL or MOTOR-OPERATED as per customer's requirement
• Unit: 1 to 4 unit will be available as per capacity

Optional at Extra Cost:
• Digital Meter
• Cascaded mode of the Test Set

Special Feature:
• The set are available 10 KV to 100KV
• Mains ON/OFF switch
• Indicating lamps to indicate mains ON
• Push button for H.T. ON & H.T. OFF
• Lamps to indicate H.T. ON.
• Variable auto transformer for smooth 7. continuous variation of output voltage
• Lamps to indicate over voltage
• Zero start Interlocking System

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